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Aneha Khan

Aneha Khan



Hi I’m Aneha Khan! I am a 21 year old Pakistani American. I started wearing hijab last year. I had been wanting to put it on for a while since I was growing closer to my deen. I would wear it to the grocery store, to go study, and other places just to see how it would make me feel. In those few days that I tested putting on the hijab, I felt so beautiful and protected by my modesty. Right before I started my internship, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to start the hijab as I begun my professional career. The hijab influences me to be modest not only through my appearance, but also in the way I act. I love that my hijab influences me to be cognizant of the way I carry myself as a Muslim in today’s society. I am currently studying Management Information Systems and would love to use technology for the greater good. I love quality time with my family and friends, working out, playing pickleball, spending time with my cat, and occasionally painting. I agreed to being a part of Pardah Scarves because of their beautiful and unique designs as well as their ability to make women feel confident through modesty. Pardah is an admirable company because of their personal touch on every scarf and the smiles they create on every customer.

- By Manshal Jawed. Jan 15 2024