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Aqsa Hashmi

Aqsa Hashmi


Salaam! Im Aqsa. I’m Pakistani and 20 yrs old. I started wearing my hijab at the age of 9 and it is something that’s truly apart of me. I began wearing it after I went for Umrah and I realized it was something I was missing in my life and since then I’ve never taken it off. I love trying new hijab styles while also trying to better myself as a hijabi. It's a long journey but I think as long as you’re trying your best and pushing to be a better Muslim with pure intentions then that’s what counts. When I was asked to be apart of Pardah Scarves I thought it was a great opportunity to be able to interact with other hijabis and hear about their struggles as well as learn from them on how to be better. The brand inspires Muslims to embrace modesty while also being just as fashionable. I love the message the brand sends out which is why I chose to be apart of this amazing project. Jzk for this opportunity and I can’t wait for what the future holds!

- By Manshal Jawed,  Jan 15 2024