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Nada Morri

Nada Morri



My name is Nada and I am Egyptian! I have been a hijabi for 8 years now and can’t believe how far I’ve come! Since I was just a little girl, I found the hijab so beautiful and remember asking my aunt to try it, and that followed with her and my grandma taking me to go buy my very first pink flower hijab. The next day I put the hijab on and felt like the prettiest girl ever. I agreed to model for Pardah because I believe that as a company they exemplify modesty and elegance in the most perfect way. Pardah scarves are so comfortable and breathable while also giving me the utmost feeling of beauty. I absolutely love medicine and am currently studying in that field to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical/nursing industry. I absolutely love how you’re always learning something new in the healthcare field, and how it’s constantly growing! Some things that makes me happy are my amazing cats, they bring so much joy to our family and I love them so much.


By Manshal Jawed. Jan 15 2024